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LeenWarranty Warranty Management System

LeenWarranty from LeenTech is a web based warranty management system which scales to the size of your business and allows you to effectively resolve, manage and measure critical metrics thus optimising costs arising from warranty claims. It can also be extended to your supplier network using LeenRecovery so that warranty claims arising from supplier quality issues can be effectively managed.

LeenWarranty works anywhere in the world using standard internet browser technology including Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. The system requires minimal IT support and no expense for new equipment as it can be accessed securely via the internet using any PC or mobile device. Improve your dealer and customer relationships by using LeenTech's web application and everyone will be working from the same data; the process is therefore transparent to all parties. This allows dealers and suppliers to work with the manufacturer to solve problems and reduce misunderstanding through improved communication.

LeenWarranty Benefits

  • Improved brand image and customer satisfaction.
  • Faster claim turnaround time.
  • Fully integrated warranty processing resulting in greater productivity.
  • Improved accuracy and transparency of claim process.
  • Enhanced dealer relationships with fewer invalid and poorly documented claims.
  • Faster processing decreases dealers withholding payments so reducing working capital.
  • Improved fault reporting leading to faster rectification.
  • Streamlined recovery of supplier costs using LeenRecovery