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LeenRecovery Supplier Recovery System

Designed as a supplier recovery system for manufacturers with a large or worldwide supplier network, LeenRecovery increases the recovery of part failure costs and improves preventive actions reporting from suppliers. The LeenRecovery system is a web based management tool that can be used on its own or integrated with our LeenWarranty warranty management software. It will scale to the size of your business allowing you to effectively resolve, manage and measure critical metrics for optimising costs arising from warranty claims.

Fault Reporting - Diagnosis and Rectification

Timely and detailed fault reporting originating from externally raised warranty claims or internally raised reject notes is critical to rectifying design and product failures quickly. LeenRecovery brings manufacturers and suppliers together to resolve problems in a systematic and transparent way.

Email Alerts

Suppliers are notified about reject notes by the email alerts system and then reminded to complete preventive actions at intervals. The suppliers log into the LeenRecovery system to see a complete list of all outstanding reject notes and they can then add any comments and documentation to these.

LeenRecovery Benefits

  • Speeds up reject note turnaround time.
  • Improves reject note processing productivity.
  • Clarifies accuracy and transparency of reject note process.
  • Automated email alert raises reject notes with follow up reminder emails.
  • Improves preventive actions and supplier relationships.
  • Helps suppliers track issues and in turn raise issues with their suppliers.
  • Enhances fault reporting to suppliers and production so faults are rectified faster.
  • Optimises supplier cost recovery from warranty claims with LeenWarranty.