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About LeenTech

LeenTech currently develops web based applications within the manufacturing industry, specialising in warranty management systems for worldwide dealer and supplier networks. We have gained a wealth of experience working within this sector and our clients include manufacturers of mining and quarrying equipment and a major motorhome supplier.

The LeenWarranty system is a web based warranty management system which allows you to effectively manage and measure costs arising from warranty claims. It can be extended using LeenRecovery to include a company's supply chain so that warranty claims arising from supplier quality issues can be effectively managed. LeenFRACAS is a Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Actions System (FRACAS) whilst LeenRecall offers a bulletin/product recall solution.

Established in August 1999 LeenTech was originally an IT consultancy, developing databases and undertaking systems analysis for clients. The company name comes from the near by river Leen and not lean, although it fitted well with company's aims to provide economically lean solutions to our clients.

In 2003 we started Web Application development, building the first version of our warranty management system, LeenWarranty. LeenWarranty was originally designed for a particular manufacturer with a worldwide dealer

network. In 2006 we created the first version of our supplier recovery system, LeenRecovery which is a reject note tracking and supplier cost recovery system (the other side of warranty). This system facilitates the recovery of warranty cost from the manufacturers suppliers, as well as ensuring the supplier rectified any part faults. From 2006 we stopped offering our previously broad range of IT services to concentrate on enhancing our web application products with great emphasis on our on-line Warranty system. In 2008 LeenTech adopted a Software As A Service (SAAS) business model to provide long term security of supply to our clients.

In 2012 we started a major upgrade to our quality and warranty management software to integrate LeenWarranty, LeenRecovery, LeenFRACAS and LeenRecall into a single system thus allowing users to access individual or all modules of the system using their brand and product types. This allows large companies with multiple business units and products to use a single system for all business units and product types whilst maintaining discrete data for each. Further to this, reporting on warranty and quality across very different businesses can be standardised quickly and easily. During 2013 LeenTech completed the upgrade of LeenWarranty, LeenRecall, LeenRecovery and LeenFRACAS to give a full suite of warranty management systems.

LeenTech-Etisbew Partnership
LeenTech started working with Etisbew in 2007 and as this proved so successful the relationship was extended and LeenTech became a business partner in 2008. Etisbew market a wide range of applications and services in North America, Europe and Middle East, while LeenTech specialises in warranty management software for manufacturing companies. With over a 150 developers Etisbew provides LeenTech with a large range of skill sets and potential resources allowing us to focus on specialising in what we do best. This allows LeenTech to compete successfully with much larger software companies at lower cost and higher service levels. We service manufacturing companies of all sizes from multinationals to small medium enterprises.

Etisbew has been providing custom web applications and services to clients in over 16 countries since 2000. By partnering with Etisbew, LeenTech gains the Etisbew Technology Group and together we aim to build on the many synergies between LeenTech products and Etisbew's services and development centres in India. Etisbew Technology Group is a Delaware (US) registered and ISO 9001:2000 certified Global software solutions provider which has state of the art development centres providing high quality and cost effective solutions. Etisbew's global presence, process oriented methodologies and efficient delivery models enable them to provide an integrated and highly flexible mix of on-site, off-site, nearshore and offshore delivery options.